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someone who is peevish or disgruntled

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If you have the head harness inside-out, the crosspiece rubs land makes you a sorehead.
The implicit suggestion here is that I am a sorehead, and that there is no good reason not to get at least some thrills out of these movies.
A poet like Jeffers is so massively a poet, and was so denounced by the literary establishment, that he first springs to mind in this context, whereas Rexroth was most famous not as a poet but as an adversarial voice who so confronted the establishment that he became dismissed (by Alfred Kazin) as an "old fashioned American sorehead.
I have not always been such a sorehead about this country.
It wouldn't matter if this were some sorehead with a microchip on his shoulder, but Appleyard is the respected science correspondent for the respected London Sunday Times, so no wonder the scientific world is in an uproar.
God knows what the hangovers will be like and, at some local hotel the team leader of a big bunch of visiting punters will come down to breakfast, look at the soreheads wrestling with the egg and bacon, and utter the old cry: "Morning lads, another day of drinking and guessing.