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Synonyms for sophistry



Synonyms for sophistry

plausible but invalid reasoning

Synonyms for sophistry

a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

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She appeared in an off-Broadway production of Sophistry, with Ethan Hawke, at eight, and grabbed her first film role two years later, in Rob Reiner's North (starring Elijah Wood, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
To argue whether this or that action would have happened under the alternative's administration is merest sophistry and navel gazing.
If these claims are true, how can diairesis provide reliable definitions of sophistry, statesmanship, or anything else?
As the nation is deeply concerned about the likelihood of Taliban coming back to power, some people are using their sophistry to hide the reality -- something that amounts to betraying the nation," Qanuni remarked.
Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex in The Catholic Church The Systematic Destruction of an Oblate Priest
I'm no economist, but that feels like headline-grabbing financial sophistry.
It is this sophistry of tactics and infrastructure that is a cause of serious concern for New Delhi in 2011, as the Centre's counterinsurgency measures in the red areas have always been panicky, haphazard and reactive.
To beat the sophistry of the creationists requires a high degree of cleverness indeed.
Heston Blumenthal's gastronomic sophistry has always left me cold, and after subjecting myself to an early episode of the pug-faced one's latest series, I'd gone out of my way to avoid subsequent offerings.
This prudery of evangelical Christianity is the result of a breathtaking combination of sophistry, evasion and narrow-mindedness.
It must reject both historicism and a diffused sophistry that Badiou sees as characteristic of our era.
The High Court dismissed that as little more than sophistry.
Aristotle never used the term "BS," but he might agree with John McManus' assertion that some journalism is simply that--Bald Sophistry.
This is further detailed in the footnote as "also known as Knights of the Clocks, an acronym for Cloistered Order of Conclaved Knights of Sophistry.
During the three exchanges, Socrates demonstrates that sophistry is ultimately the denial of the moral axiom that it is better to suffer than to enact injustice, that the only tally flourishing life is one of virtue.