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Synonyms for sophistry



Synonyms for sophistry

plausible but invalid reasoning

Synonyms for sophistry

a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

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Whereas sophistries are exposed quickly in the scientific realm, thus greatly reducing the incentive to employ them, they are easily introduced in policy conversations, and their effects can persist for decades.
Meanwhile, sophistries and disingenuous analyses abound.
It's without risk in a double sense, for not only does that radicalism present very little real risk to the way research science is conducted (its revolutionary calls to arms "generally result in nothing more menacing than aphorisms lodged in obscure periodicals"), but there's also no risk to the "radicals" themselves: Their alarums are repeatedly and routinely shown respect by well-intentioned colleagues willing to indulge their sophistries in the vague interest of egalitarianism.
Unfortunately, instead of problematizing his own referential acts, Tansey trots out tepid ambiguities and visual sophistries.
A final chapter on fallacies and sophistries includes a look at paranormal phenomena.
Jeffries, understandably, has no use for lethal sophistries of this sort.
And use my flair for jargon-speak to obfuscate my sophistries.
Yet The Bell Curve advances it with the same deluge of statistical and logical sophistries that has driven its predecessors.