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Synonyms for soot

a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

coat with soot

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But this time she kept away too long, and stayed beyond the half-hour; so she had not time to take off her fine dress, and threw her fur mantle over it, and in her haste did not blacken herself all over with soot, but left one of her fingers white.
Then he got hold of the fur and tore it off, and her golden hair and beautiful form were seen, and she could no longer hide herself: so she washed the soot and ashes from her face, and showed herself to be the most beautiful princess upon the face of the earth.
When Dickon began to walk about, Soot stayed on his shoulder and Captain trotted quietly close to his side.
And the burning smell is there--and the soot is there, and the oil is there--and he is not there
No one looks after it now my father is gone, and it has got all smirched with soot during my own boyhood.
Unfortunately, there are many fundamental unknowns about diesel in-flame soot oxidation processes such as the applicability of currently available diesel soot oxidation models based on classical low pressure burner experiments by NSC [2] and Neoh [3], to the high pressure and high temperature in-flame conditions equivalent to modern diesel engines.
A worldwide layer of soot found at the boundary is consistent with global fires," the study says.
However, particulate matter and soot formation is increased by this same mechanism causing a trade-off between PM and N[O.
The sensing element includes a bias resistor (which is in parallel with the substrate and soot resistance), an integrated heater near the sensing electrodes, and integrated resistive temperature device (RTD) element sensing the temperature of the sensor/soot deposit.
And he said explanations given as to why no soot was found seared into Pte James' head near the bullet wound were "not known to medical science".
He told Woking Coroners' Court that the issue of whether or not soot from the firing of the rifle could be found on Pte James' body "is the determining fact, the critical fact to decide upon".
Through a developed comprehensive algorithmic model for system diagnostics of Diesel engines with electronic control exhaust gases after-treatment, individual system components of the engine management test are done step by step, which ultimately leads to detection of the problem that directly affects the increase of the soot particles in the exhaust.
Regeneration occurs when un-burnt or dirty fuel activates the engines computer and tells it to trap the resulting soot.
When released indoors, soot can cause health problems for those who breathe it in.