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richly melodious


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Sudden dynamic shifts, songful phrasing and steadily built drama all contributed to this rousing finish, which marked an end not just to the symphony, or to the program, or even to the Brahms cycle, but really to Dohnanyi's extended appearance.
The Western Mail's rugby columnist Carolyn Hitt conceded Welsh fans are not as robustly songful as they once were.
lAmateur Nicky Henderson is out for the season after fracturing a bone in his back in a fall from Songful (Nick Gaselee) at Market Rasen.
In "Isabel's Child," the poet imagines a baby's "speechless cry" "shaped to articulation" and the child proceeds to speak for 120 lines (interestingly, the baby asks his mother to retract her prayer, so that he can die into Heaven); in The Seraphim "insensate things speak" (for an inverted period it seems that "Dumb matter grows articulate / And songful seraphs dumb?
46] Untiring of musical figures, he remarks, in yet another poem, on "the songful 'magic' / That, from a celestial muse, / Was marvelously infused into the divine human" and on "the musician, who, as 'magician,' was able, / With song, to transform / Envy into wonder and tears into laughter, / And who, with powerful notes, / Within human breasts, / Calmed souls and disturbed their emotions.
On the 1869 journey made famous by his book My First Summer in the Sierra, John Muir paused on Penon Blanco Peak to admire "a glorious wilderness that seemed to be calling with a thousand songful voices.
A songful, if static, slow movement is followed by a relatively weak finale.
The second movement is a delectable theme subjected to some exquisite variations, always songful, yet never sloppily sentimental.
pianoforte zur Ausbildung im gebundenen und gesangvollen Spiele [`24 exercises for the pianoforte for training in the connected and songful style of playing'], op.
Did the singers ever dream that the rapt and songful prayer, the holy texts through which they seek to transcend this imperfect world, would be used to numb minds to all the planet's fault lines?
Although the making of sounds is characteristic of a formidable number of insects, fish, amphibians, and even some spiders, it is among mammals and birds that the possibility is most widespread; of nearly nine thousand bird species, approximately one-half are songful, we are told.
They are industrious in their work, songful in prayer, and delighted in intercourse but wary of overpopulation, so as to avoid poverty and war (372a5-c1).
It is escapist, but a daring, witty, songful, exhilarating kind of escape.
Its mission is to develop and support songful celebrations of common humanity and a deep, devotional connection to the earth.
It was formerly the custom to study at least four or five years, even in Italy, the land of songful speech; nowadays, the shortest course is usually thought the best, with consequences everywhere in evidence.