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richly melodious


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lAmateur Nicky Henderson is out for the season after fracturing a bone in his back in a fall from Songful (Nick Gaselee) at Market Rasen.
In "Isabel's Child," the poet imagines a baby's "speechless cry" "shaped to articulation" and the child proceeds to speak for 120 lines (interestingly, the baby asks his mother to retract her prayer, so that he can die into Heaven); in The Seraphim "insensate things speak" (for an inverted period it seems that "Dumb matter grows articulate / And songful seraphs dumb?
46] Untiring of musical figures, he remarks, in yet another poem, on "the songful 'magic' / That, from a celestial muse, / Was marvelously infused into the divine human" and on "the musician, who, as 'magician,' was able, / With song, to transform / Envy into wonder and tears into laughter, / And who, with powerful notes, / Within human breasts, / Calmed souls and disturbed their emotions.
On the 1869 journey made famous by his book My First Summer in the Sierra, John Muir paused on Penon Blanco Peak to admire "a glorious wilderness that seemed to be calling with a thousand songful voices.
A songful, if static, slow movement is followed by a relatively weak finale.
The second movement is a delectable theme subjected to some exquisite variations, always songful, yet never sloppily sentimental.
Its mission is to develop and support songful celebrations of common humanity and a deep, devotional connection to the earth.
InstruMagic, a Tel-Aviv based music apps developer, and Ultimate Guitar, the world's largest online community of guitar enthusiasts, are announcing today's launch of Songful - an iPad guitar app that lets you play any song regardless of your musical background.
There was a ferocity to the opening contrapuntal section that contrasted nicely with the expansive, recurring songful element, and the concluding fugue was powerfully focused.
This was a reading of the work under Vassily Sinaisky which allowed all the music's expert, pellucid scoring to speak for itself, fizzing woodwind and sonorous brass underpinned by string-playing both songful and detailed.
Indeed, his songful playing was obviously heartfelt.
In the pit, Suzanne Mallare Acton managed a better balance; in fact, in "Il faut partir," the orchestra's songful yearning hit its mark as touchingly as Tracy Dahl's neatly weighted bel canto on stage.
In recent years there has been a return not only to sonorous harmony and songful melody but also to a rediscovery of the sacred nature of music itself.
A sensitive ear for voicing is needed to project the songful melodies effectively wherever they turn up in the texture.
The major work represented here is his Konzertstuck for Cello and Orchestra, a pleasant, songful, rhapsodic piece that lingers long enough for momentary enjoyment and then recedes into oblivion.