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a measuring instrument that sends out an acoustic pulse in water and measures distances in terms of the time for the echo of the pulse to return

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By making it possible to catch small prey more efficiently than with vision only, sonar has opened a unique niche for bats and promoted their astounding diversification.
Work on the sonar systems will be carried out in France, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, with completion expected by September 2018.
A known advantage for inspecting semi- or fully-charged trunk-main pipelines is the utilization of a high-resolution short range sonar system enabling a facility operator to obtain real time pipeline condition information without the risks and cost of bypassing wastewater flows.
The researchers also temporarily tagged beaked whales with D-tags, devices that recorded their movements as sonar was played at slowly increasing levels.
The findings could allow sonar for mine-hunting submarines to see more clearly in murky shallow waters.
Both the whales' survival and our nation's security are best served by stopping the Navy's active sonar program now.
The groups - the Humane Society of the United States, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Ocean Futures Society and the International Fund for Human Welfare - emphasized that they recognized the importance of sonar to national security.
Iovino uses his sonar to locate another fish that might like a bite of the Kreature.
The Navy testified that the country is at war, but critics point out that none of the countries or terrorist groups that comprise our current "enemies" possess sophisticated submarines that require intense sonars to detect.
The numbers are still single-digit numbers of marine mammals stranding per year attributed to sonar," he said.
Move the boat in and out, shallow to deep, deep to shallow, allowing opportunity for your sonar to view everything below.
Environmental groups are still fighting the battle against the sonar, lobbying the government to curtail testing, at least during peacetime, or to at least ramp up testing gradually to give marine wildlife a better chance to flee affected areas.
He appeared to be half Steve Tyler, half Jim Morrison, and their superb Sonar single "Engineering" b/w "Belladonna" got the ears pricking in London, including those of CBS Records, on another day, it could have happened for them, indeed should have happened.
Simply put, Sonar reduces the time and resources needed to manage complex web operations, SaaS businesses or enterprise data center applications like no other offering in the market today.