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the sensation caused by vibrating wave motion that is perceived by the organs of hearing


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For instance, the seventh chapter, on pitch, opens with a clarification of the often controversial but crucially fundamental terms svara and sruti (which relate to scale degrees and their relative intonation) and progresses through a series of topics relating to scale structures, their rotations, their modal implications (questions of sonance, consonance, dissonance, etc.
Call Sonance at (800) 582-7777 to find local retailers for all the other components pictured, including the wire.
Niles Audio Corporation, Opera Loudspeakers, Pioneer Corporation, QLN Acoustics AB, Quadral, Sammi Sound Technology Corporation, Scandyna International, Sonance, Inc.
The Sonance Landscape series is the premier sound system designed around professional high quality sound.
Introduced in 2005 by Dana Innovations--which also makes Sonance speakers--the iPort now comes in five models, ranging in price from $200 to $1,100.
Sonance said the set price is $650 less than the price of buying the speakers separately.
95) from Cobra Electronics, by Aries Manufacturing, features T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology and the iPhone-compatible SuperFi 5vi ($189.
Our drummer Brian has his own solo project that Al and I play in called SOnance HOtel.
Cobra is now debuting the Cobra CBTH8 Ultra Light Bluetooth[R] Headset with highly rated T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology with one of the longest talk and standby times in the market at only half of the weight of most over-the-head style wireless headsets.
And lastly, the house has 16 new Sonance volume controls with built-in amplifiers, which remove the need for space-eating source equipment.
Many major Consumer Electronic brands have announced home audio products that connect to the Internet using BridgeCo technology, including Denon, Pioneer, Harman-Kardon, Philips, Thomson, Sonance, Grundig and Terratec.
And headlining for surprisingly just the second time is SOnance HOtel, aka former Humanzi man Brian Gallagher, inset.
The product debut features the Deluxe Bluetooth([R]) Headset with T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology as well as the Premium Bluetooth([R]) Headset, providing professional grade, crystal clear sound to the mass consumer market.
Other speaker companies that vie for the attention of builders are Bose, Russound, and Sonance.
AMX - Belden - Crestron - Da-Lite - Denon - Elan - Escient - InFocus - JBL - Klipsch - Logitech/Harmony - Marantz - Mitsubishi - Monster - Panasonic - Pioneer - Polk - Runco - Russound - Samsung - Sharp - Sonance - Sony - SpeakerCraft - Stewart - Universal Remote - Yamaha