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It is likely then that somatotype would also serve as a structural constraint affecting the movement patterns of an individual.
Anthropometric, body composition and somatotype differences of Greek elite female basketball, volleyball and handball players.
Table 2: Somatotype of the Malaysian and Pakistani Cricketers
The above quote demonstrates the common reaction to imagery depicting the hypermesomorphic somatotype of the typical professional female bodybuilder.
Relation ships a mong swimming performance, body composition and somatotype in competitive collegiate swimmers journal of sport med physfitness, 232: 171-166.
Relationships among swimming swimming speed, body composition and somatotype in competitive collegiate swimmers.
Somatotype and blood pressure of rural South African children aged 6-13 years: Ellisras longitudinal growth and health study.
However, this was somewhat attenuated by adjustment for race, maternal and paternal education, maternal and paternal diabetes, and somatotype at age 5.
Relationship between somatotype and blood pressure in a group of institutionalized Venezuelan elders.
Nash (1978) supported the Sheldonian perspective, that primary components serve to set limits upon a classified physique but within any single somatotype classification there is still room for tremendous variation.
In 1986, Hoit and Hixon measured twelve subjects and placed them into somatotype groups using Carter's formula.