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Synonyms for hallucination

Synonyms for hallucination

an illusion of perceiving something that does not really exist

Synonyms for hallucination

a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea

an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode

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Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), for example, is said to induce predominantly visual hallucinations, whereas the pathological condition schizophrenia usually elicits a greater degree of auditory and somatic hallucinations (Winters 1975: 54).
To clarify this apparent contradiction, it is useful to distinguish between somatic sensations and somatic hallucinations.
In deeper altered states, such as chronic cocaine addiction, subjects are less able to distinguish between reality and somatic hallucinations.
Non-Western shamans who experience the same universally neurologically structured somatic hallucinations do not attempt to assess their experiences objectively.
The painting is thus a graphic realization of visual and somatic hallucinations that have been given content and meaning by the specific cultural and cognitive situation of the painter.