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the basic unit of money in Uzbekistan

the basic unit of money in Kyrgyzstan

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SOM 210 students working in these teams accessed various business databases leased by the W.
Barth says the SOM plan basically restored the Circle to Central Park designer Frederick Olmstead's original scheme.
MX31 SOM is also available through Freescale's distribution network in the following configurations and suggested resale prices (at 1,000 pieces):
Cignex had the proven ability to partner with UNC SOM to build a solution that mapped to our unique business and educational needs - all within a limited budget.
We are proud to be able to contribute to their continued success and look forward to working with all of the SOM offices to further strengthen their design leadership.
SOM employees from every SOM office can use and re-purpose all of the firm's digital assets directly from their desktop computers using a web browser.
Commercial banks financed 951 million 386 thousand som, while Kyrgyzpochtasy provided 1 billion 808 million 400 thousand som.
To more efficiently store and manage the large amounts of data generated by architectural drawings, SOM has deployed a NetApp NearStore(TM) system, which provides a centralized information store for remote disaster recovery and business continuance in tandem with NetApp storage systems and SnapMirror(R), SnapRestore(R), and DataFabric(R) Manager software in SOM's London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco offices.
Like Synygy EIM, which is 100 percent web-based, Synygy SOM and Synygy EPM will be based on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture, making them easy and cost-effective to implement and maintain.
Market rate of Russian ruble to Kyrgyz som made one-for-one.
The two companies will now deliver to European customers Cell's x86-based embedded computing SOM products with Azzurri's design-in expertise, systems integration capabilities, and comprehensive service and support.
The greatest allotment was made for the sector of economy - expenditures amounted to 12 billion som ($208.
Advantech's SOM products bridge the gap between conventional off-the-shelf single board computers and custom-made computing platforms for embedded applications.