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a compound formed by solvation (the combination of solvent molecules with molecules or ions of the solute)

cause a solvation in (a substance)

undergo solvation or convert into a solvate

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The crystal structure of 5-bromonicotinic acid differs significantly from the solvate structures.
In solvents with a low D that also lack the ability to solvate ions (hydrocarbons, halohydrocarbons) the interaction does not go beyond the initial hydrogen bond or contact ion pair formation.
Kishi, [mu]-Guanidinidobis[(terpyridine)platinum(II)] tris(hexaflurophosphate) acetonitrile solvate, Acta Cryst.
As the types of alternatives readily available will vary to a certain extent with geographical location, solutions different from the treated distillate aromatic extract (TDAE) and mildly extracted solvate (MES), as recommended and preferred in the European market, may be the preferred ones.
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