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the dissolved matter in a solution

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The weight fraction activity coefficient, a|1, of the solute probe at infinite dilution was calculated according to the following equation [5]:
The authors highlight that activity coefficients of mixtures are higher if the solute is gas ethane, except for the n-hexane-ethane system.
When the effluent reached the pre-established volume in the collecting container, an aliquot was collected, placed in hermetically closed glass container and maintained under refrigeration for later quantification of the concentration of the effluent solute (C) and relative concentration (C/[C.
However, because of the lack of comprehensive datasets on the transport behaviour of solutes through different soils, the effects of soil physicochemical properties on solute transport parameters are not fully understood.
In the paragraph under the section "Identification of a novel mutation in solute carrier family 29, member 3" the word "p.
a) Crypts of luschka in the mucosal folds of gall bladder, (7) which reduce the smoothness of mucosa lining, making it uneven, thereby forming a potential nidus for deposition of bile solutes, when they exceed their solubility.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: WAT, white adipose tissue; UCP1, uncoupling protein 1; ASC-1, neutral amino acid transporter, y+ system, also called solute carrier family 7 member 10, slc7a10; PET/CT, positron emission tomography-computed tomography; PAT-2, proton/amino acid symporter member 2, also called solute carrier family 36 member 2, slc36a2; P2RX5, purinergic receptor P2X, ligand-gated ion channel 5.
Continuity equation is the basic equation that explains the solute transfer from feed solution to organic phase.
The topics include modeling momentum and mass transport in cellular biological media from the molecular to the tissue scale, the transport of water and solute across endothelial barriers and tumor cell adhesion in microcirculation, blood flow through capillary networks, models of cerebrovascular perfusion, shear stress variation and plasma viscosity effect in microcirculation, mass transfer phenomena in electroportation, and modeling intracellular transport in neurons.
A numerical model, Hydrus-1D, was used to inversely estimate water and solute transport parameters such as water content, dispersivity and degradation constant.
1,2] It has been suggested that the urothelium can mediate water and solute transport under certain circumstances.
The Soluprep II solution preparation system from Design Scientific automatically calculates and dispenses the exact amount of solvent required to prepare a precise concentration based on the approximate mass of solute added by the operator.
If an impermeable solute such as sucrose is placed inside the membrane sac, there will be a net movement of water from the beaker into the membrane sac, causing water to move up the glass tube; the height and rate provide a measure of osmosis.
Along with that, with gradual solute removal, it ensures haemodynamic stability and prevents the risk of cerebral oedema in neurosurgery patients.
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