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a system of naming the notes of a musical scale by syllables instead of letters

singing using solfa syllables to denote the notes of the scale of C major

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Part 1, "Guidonian Solmization in Music Theory and Practice," covers the history and development of Guido's ideas to the end of the trecento, reading the primary sources "as 'informants' on the basic questions of the nature and function(s) of Guido's hexachord as understood in the Middle Ages" (p.
Shape-note tunebooks of this period used seven rather than four shapes, being based on the do-re-mi solmization syllables.
The solmization syllables--ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la--derive from the first stanza of the plainchant hymn connected with the feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist: "Ut queant laxis resonare fibris, Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Joannes" (Liber Usualis, p.
Berger combed through music theory texts for details about pitch, solmization, and counterpoint that might shed light on the problem of nonnotated accidentals.
Solmization syllables (the letters m, f, s, and l) below the music are set in movable type.
Thus, one might venture that in Vicentino's treatise the two expressions above indicate the two customary forms of the gamut "with B natural" and "with B flat," except when they explicitly refer to solmization syllables and/or to the three "properties of singing" (hard, soft, and natural).
In "The Teaching of Liturgical Singing in the De musica of Englebert of Admont" Angelo Rusconi argues that this thirteenth-century text betrays only a limited mastery of the material, which includes solmization, the nature of the tones, and aspects of melodic execution.
Beginning with the rudiments of sixteenth-century music (pitches, rhythm, solmization, the hexachord system, mutation), the treatise proceeds progressively from treatment of dissonance and harmonization of melodies to chapters on imitative counterpoint in two-, three- and four-parts, which conclude with two illustrative pieces titled "fantasia a concierto?
Toft is not much impressed by the significance of canon, nor the maintenance of the same solmization between the leader and follower voices of a canon.
This study, too, could appeal to a variety of readers: some will find an interpretation of Rousseau's aesthetics, others will find a monograph on the history and theory of solmization, some will place the work within the context of pedagogical debates concerning "fixed-do" or "moveable-do" solfege, others will find a revisionist biography, and still others will be attracted to the linguistic and semiotic analysis of Rousseau's theories.
After exploring the emotional connotations of modes, as discussed by contemporary theorists, and introducing the elements of solmization and musica ficta, he proceeds to critique each version of the Mass.
Chafe finds in Heinichen's choice of the modal term "Ambitus"--and in the fact that it forms a hexachord bounded by fa and mi--remnants of hexachordal solmization, which was still in use to teach singing.