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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist

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Basically, we see from the outset that Le Fanu's women are agents of transmission (and thus often get into the frames of his tales) while his male protagonists are solipsists, so that the motif of the Faustian Pact is twisted away and corrupted ('devoye') from its former (German or Elizabethan) tragic literary context; it becomes an alibi for something else that is going on in these texts and this is really a story of 'desire' in the writing which houses itself (in the case of males) in narratives of violent and frustrated disavowal.
But I find it hard to believe that Lisa's sole interest in pastoral is corruption, that XEclogue is first and foremost a bad dream visited on the sleeping solipsists of our patriarchic culture.
The pragmatic standard is not a warrant but a corrective for subjectivism or relativism, a therapy for solipsists and skeptics.
They jostle for positions on the stage: Cechoripsky with his bruised pathetic pride; Berck with his posturing and declamations; Immaculata in her bogus role as heart-breaker; and out on the lawn, the lovers manque -- Vincent and Julie, the supreme solipsists who dance themselves into forgetfulness.
In other words, he looks forward to a community of solipsists.