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a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire

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a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

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A graphical estimate from the phase diagram, assuming circular liquidus and solidus curves near the congruent point, indicates a freezing range of 0.
The bond can be issued in any amount down to three decimals by pointing and clicking the Solidus Bond folder of the Swiftcoin wallet obtained for free at http://www.
The initial experiment was carried out without the die: it served to obtain a homogeneous thermal field in the container during the heating to a temperature between solidus and liquidus.
Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, or Capitalist) Solidus helps make sense of the issues involving conflict, persecution, love and hate, peace and war, and so on.
AN extremely rare Solidus gold coin from 9th Century Britain was recently sold at auction.
The Anglo-Frisian Solidus coin, described as "extremely rare" by auctioneers Spink, was discovered by a woman in Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Realising this, my gambling-mad brother introduced me to a little gem of a book called The Solidus, which he claimed had served him well and was to become my best friend for the next three months.
Therein" is a solidus or an obolus - a seven-letter English word that includes 10 other words and requires no rearranging of its letters.
has announced the successful completion of a private equity financing led by local investment firm Solidus Company and other investors.
Along with its political influence, Byzantium's coins, particularly its gold solidus, spread right across Europe.
Consider the settlement earlier this year between the Federal Trade Commission and CardSystems and its successor, Solidus Networks.
5 high-temperature Pb-free solder paste has a solidus temperature of 242[degrees]C, 22[degrees]C delta above SAC.
With SAC alloys having a melting temperature around 217[degrees]C being adopted as a mainstream solder for SMT assembly, and with components possibly reaching 260[degrees]C upon reflow, internal solder joints should have a solidus temperature above 260[degrees]C, preferably above 280[degrees]C.
In changing the fish's activity patterns, the schistocephalus solidus worm makes its host more likely to be eaten by a bird - which helps the worm to breed and eventually lay eggs in the bird's guts.