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Synonyms for solidness

the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress

the quality of being substantial or having substance

the quality of being solid and reliable financially or factually or morally

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Velayat 90 wargames revealed the Iranian Armed Forces' solidness and might," Heidari said in the Northeastern city of Mashhad on Saturday.
Scharner brought some solidness & Odemwingie improving.
The increase is a reflection of the strength and solidness of Indonesia's economic growth, low and declining debt ratio to GDP, strong external liquidity and prudent macro economic policy.
The first day's racing has a certain solidness to it and that could be an indication of the high-quality action that's in the making.
If I look what we've been able to do with regards to clean sheets, there is more of a solidness about the team and more of a unity," said Hughton.
When we came out the other side, this album was there, and just had this solidness to it, this realness to it.
But a letter was sent to us saying that the proposal was also rejected because of geological problems associated with trenching that may cause cracks in the fort's walls, which could jeopardise its solidness and stability.
Holding my first common eider, I was amazed at the physical solidness of the bird.
The desired grounding is, of course, bedrock, and should be honored when the solidness is present.
Ali Fakheridinne came on for the home side to add defensive solidness, but the Lebanese international didn't start off well, airballing an open jump shot before fouling Walker to give away an "and one.
If we can get a base back and a solidness then we will start to score goals again because we can break things up and get forward quicker, but right now we're constantly having to chase games.
The chassis has been redesigned to deliver a standard of solidness comparable to that of a closed Berlinetta.
Thanks to its conservative approach to risk management, NBK also succeeded in enhancing both the solidness of capital base and the quality of its assets.
Simsek said Turkish banking sector proved its solidness in the crisis and would assume a very big role in growth after the crisis.
Whilst these sexier qualities are important, p y g and should not be discounted, in terms of longevity and q p solidness, keeping your feet on the ground and having a p gy g g y sensible outlook can see you do well.