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Synonyms for solidify

Synonyms for solidify

to make or become physically hard

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Fayalite then solidifies around the grains, gluing the sand onto the surface of the casting.
Entrapped gases are free gases that float to the top of the molten metal as the casting solidifies.
As the casting solidifies, the C solidifies onto the iron.
As inoculated iron solidifies, its fine grain structure and subsequent expansio prevent exudation penetration.
Ductile iron undercools before the bulk of the eutectic solidifies.
When the total weight of metal poured is increased, molding materials are heated to a higher temperature as the metal solidifies and cools to the transformation temperature range.
This forms a constriction and the liquid metal in this region solidifies before the liquid below it, thus choking the riser off from feeding the solidifying liquid below.
These include looking for the first bubble as the sample solidifies, measuring the specific gravity of the solidified sample, visual examination, use of dye penetrants, etc.
As the metal solidifies after pouring, it is unable to hold the hydrogen and attempts to rid itself of it.
The type of iron being made is largely established as the iron solidifies.
The graphite that forms as gray iron solidifies can assume a number of shapes depending on freezing time and temperature.
If a blind riser is to feed a steel casting properly, it is important that the riser neck stay open until the casting solidifies.
Using today's powerful computers and specially designed software, one can open a "window" into any imaginable casting shape and watch simulations of what happens as the casting cools and solidifies.
Proponents also note that progressive solidification is enhanced because the top of the casting solidifies first and the bottom last.