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changed into a solid mass


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During solidification, the eutectic with the lowest melting point is often surrounded by already solidified particles from the eutectics with the higher melting points.
The solidified castings are then transferred to the same area the cores were pulled from, placed in a fixture and transferred via a palletized conveyor to a robotic cell for cleaning and finishing.
1) Freshman Casey Mulligan has solidified the infield at third base for Valencia, which plays a quarterfinal at 3:15 Friday.
A solidified water soluble wood preservative characterized by a solidified elongate body of a boron compound known as having beneficial effects as a wood preservative, in combination with copper oxide.
Before it solidified, the molten rock contained as much as 1.
8-inch form factor, a category the company solidified with introduction of its first 1.
The movement of soldered parts or of solder while the solder is not yet fully solidified can at worst create cracks in solder joints, and at best merely give the solder joint a matte appearance at the surface.
Often performed just prior to pouring, inoculation refers to a procedural step undertaken to improve the solidified structure of the metal, and therefore its mechanical properties.
New images reveal that huge plates of solidified volcanic lava, rather than sediment from a giant body of water, formed the extraordinarily level terrain.
The solidified plastic of the side wall between the ribs locks the core in place early in the cycle, preventing the core from moving off center.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The Ariane 5 ECA rocket has solidified its position as the leading rocket for satellite launches.
A356 with and without strontium modification also was directionally solidified.
The cooled, solidified samples look like hard-boiled eggs.
DALLAS -- Today SoftLayer Technologies, the newly launched dedicated hosting provider, announced the company has solidified key relationships with Microsoft, Red Hat, and SWSoft.