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the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

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As a result, solidification creates unique, more organized, structures that cannot be observed on earth.
The mathematical equations governing the physical model must take into considerations: the injection of the polystyrene material into the mold cavity, the solidification of the polymer material during the cooling process, the flow of the cooling fluid inside the cooling channels.
Recently, several mathematical models have been developed, describing the individual stages of the process of electron beam melting in an intermediate container (cold hearth): melting of the initial charge, mixing and evaporation of the metal and impurities in an intermediate container, formation of the ingot in the solidification mould (including the displacement of the shrinkage cavity), cooling of the ingot (3-6).
In foundry practice external coolers are used in casting moulds in order to ensure local acceleration of cast part cooling and solidification for one of the following purposes:
Modeling of casting, welding and advanced solidification processes; proceedings.
Using the PITDRY solidification reagent made by CETCO Drilling Products and a PDM-300 (PITDRY mixing unit) manufactured by Surface to Surface, Coast Digger Services was able to reduce the round-trip disposal hauling time to less than one hour, utilize dump trucks which operate at a lower hourly rate than vacuum trucks, while eliminating landfill tipping fees.
Fluid mixtures with components capable of solidification can solidify during flow through pipes.
Melting and solidification behavior is much dependent on the formation of areas in the solder where different eutectics might solidify.
Unlike conventional cavity-pressure sensors, UDACS can measure mold-filling rates and monitor melt temperature, cavity pressure, short shots, and the polymer solidification rate in the cavity--all with one sensor.
The purpose of my project is to compare the solidification rate of underwater wet welds with air welds performed with an E6013 type electrode bent to 17[degrees], 25[degrees], or 33[degrees] angle.
Containerless solidification is an important technique for producing ultrapure materials.
Conceived as a companion volume to the earlier works, Materials Processing during Casting (2006) and Physics of Functional Materials (2008), this book analyzes solidification and crystallization processes in depth.
To reduce or eliminate core gas-related defects, detailed information is needed regarding the core gas generation, flow and venting in the core, and the metal flow and solidification behavior in the mold.
Among the topics are the thermodynamic analysis of solidification processes in metals and alloys, nucleation, crystal growth controlled by heat and mass transport, eutectic solidification structures, and metallic glasses and amorphous alloy melts.