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characteristic of or relating to the physical properties of solid materials especially electromagnetic or thermodynamic or structural properties of crystalline solids

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consisting of semiconductor materials and components and related devices

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A solid-state disk is so fast that the I/O requests are handled before a long disk queue can build, thus keeping the service times tremendously small.
The three case histories here, two from commercial operations and one from tests in Berstorff's labs, demonstrate just how the corotating, intermeshing twin-screw machine can be modified successfully for solid-state extrusion and then applied to some unconventional tasks.
Insights gleaned from solid-state physics also suggest the possibility of a new type of imaging that researchers could use to investigate what is happening inside murky liquids and to determine the strength of metal samples crisscrossed with microscopic cracks.
Traditionally, solid-state disks would be SCSI-attached to a single host, which made things very expensive.
Solid-state disks have been around a long time and have appeared in many different forms under many different names.
By combining the two technologies acquired from these leading solid-state lighting research institutes, we are positioned to introduce breakthrough lighting products to the entire lighting industry," observed Mark D.
When an intelligent solid-state disk subsystem is added to a SAN, it becomes a shared file caching facility for the application servers attached to the storage network.
The P2 Mobile offers the benefits of solid-state performance with on-the-go recording, editing and playback in the world's leading video formats, including up/down/cross conversion between 1080i and 720p and between high definition and standard definition.
These solid-state light sources--that fit on a thumbnail--demonstrate light output performance levels well beyond what is possible from today's state-of-the-art LEDs and are indicative of the evolutionary research and development work being done at Philips Lumileds.
The Company is dedicated to become the market leader in high power, solid-state deep ultraviolet lasers that address the existing need for sub 300 nanometer, continuous wave and pulsed lasers in the semiconductor manufacturing, micromachining, medical and telecommunications industries.
Digirad Corporation (NASDAQ:DRAD), a leading provider of cardiovascular imaging services and solid-state nuclear medicine imaging products to physician offices, hospitals and imaging centers, announced today the release of the new Cardius(R) 3 XPO triple-head cardiac gamma camera at the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting in San Diego, California.
As the performance and cost-effectiveness of LEDs continues to improve, solid-state lighting will increasingly displace traditional lighting technology in broader applications beyond the high-performance lighting markets.
Nasdaq: VECO), a leading supplier of epitaxial equipment used in the manufacture of high-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs), today announced that it has been selected to join the Solid-State Lighting and Display Center (SSLDC) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).
ASX:ELX), a world leading designer and manufacturer of laser systems for the ophthalmic industry, announced that it will introduce the Integre Duo, the world's first solid-state red and green photocoagulator, today at the opening of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command to develop and demonstrate high-power solid-state laser technology for use in U.
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