solid state

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the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress

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It would be easy to replace the entire disk subsystem with a Solid State Accelerator, but this may not be needed.
Erasure[TM] Data Security: Beyond its leading performance this "next generation" solid state flash disk drives (http://www.
Laser diodes for solid state pumping have been the major contributors to the growth of laser diodes catering to high power applications.
3 V and 5 V digital optocouplers, 100 Kbaud to 50 MBaud digital logic gate optocouplers, 100 MBd magnetic isolators, gate drive and current sense optocouplers, solid state relays (MOSFET), phototransistors and analog and high-performance hermetic optocouplers.
We are very pleased at the recognition of RASIRC's technology and the Intaeger UHP ultra high purity steam generator, first by SEMI for our innovation and then by Gases and Technology and Solid State Technology/Advanced Packaging," said Jeffrey Spiegelman, founder and president of RASIRC.
HPLighting intends on using Intematix' patent-backed phosphor in those high-profile applications as we introduce new approaches that will capture an exciting share of the solid state lighting marketplace.
We're pleased to see the start of a rapid and widespread acceptance of IPSLA by vendors at all levels of the solid state lighting industry supply chain," notes BridgeLux CEO Dr.
Designed to ensure long life and quality output, Renaissance Lighting's evo product line overcomes these challenges by offering lighting fixtures with reliable integrity and a new standard in solid state lighting with its patented IntelliBlend(TM) technology.
Unlike "thermonuclear hot fusion" that requires the plasma-inducing inferno of the sun or a hydrogen bomb, solid state fusion reactions can be produced at normal temperatures in certain hydrogen-loving metals without unleashing hot fusion's dangerous radiation.
His presentation, entitled "Commercializing Innovative SSL Technology: From the Laboratory to Lighting", provided the audience with an insight into how TIR is engaging industry partners to commercialize its new Solid State Lighting technology, the LEXEL(TM), to accelerate the adoption of SSL into the US$91 billion mainstream general illumination market.
We recognize the benefits of deploying BiTMICRO's E-Disk solid state hard drives to speed up demanding enterprise applications," says Dan Ganousis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 3t Systems.
The E-Disk(R) flash solid state disk's rugged design blends perfectly well with NextCom's highly specialized requirements.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- - Strategic agreement to develop Solid State Lighting products incorporating LEXEL(TM) technology
TSX:TIR), a world leader in light enabling technologies for LED-based Solid State Lighting (SSL), and the developer of the first and only fully integrated solid state general lighting solution (the LEXEL(TM)), has formed a strategic partnership with Lighting Services Inc (LSI), of Stony Point, New York, to provide the most innovative lighting solutions available to the architect or lighting designer specified lighting market utilizing the LEXEL(TM) platform based on LED technology.
TSX:TIR), a world leader in light enabling technologies for LED-based Solid State Lighting (SSL), announces the signing of a design collaboration agreement with the Genlyte Group, of Louisville, Kentucky, to develop and market LEXEL(TM) based products under the Lightolier and Canlyte brands.