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a homogeneous solid that can exist over a range of component chemicals

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Because the cooling rate affects bismuth segregation and the solid solution formation, the lattice parameter of the two solders are different (Table 2).
Radiation Processes In Crystal Solid Solutions is a monograph explaining processes occurring in two classes of crystal solids (metal alloys and doped alkali halide) under irradiation by various types of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, X-radiations, ions).
Manganese oxide has a similar effect on magnesia refractories, forming solid solution compounds with the complex MgO compounds.
Piezoelectric properties of the lead zirconate-lead titanate solid solution that was discovered in the [PbZrO.
It details the high temperature thermodynamic studies of the transuranium oxides and their solid solutions as required for analyzing and predicting the behavior of the fuel in a nuclear reactor during normal operation and accidental conditions, with each chapter describing a systematic study on actinide oxides.
Solid Solutions has been based at the University of Warwick Science Park's Warwick Innovation Centre for more than a decade but has moved its head office to the Leamington base of Wright Hassall.
John Barnes, centre manager for the University of Warwick Science Park's Warwick Innovation Centre, said he was delighted for the company and also for the reputation of the park, branding Solid Solutions as a perfect example of what the centre can offer other companies.
Chemical thermodynamics of solid solutions of interest in radioactive waste management; a state-of-the-art report.
From building a schedule and creating requirements and cases to managing an outsourced project, reviewing design and requirements, conducting interviews, and testing, Applied Software Project Management is broad enough to apply to all kinds of projects, yet specific enough to provide solid solutions.
Solid Solutions, based at the University of Warwick Science Park's Warwick Innovation Centre, is preparing to open its eighth office after experiencing one of the most successful periods in the company's 12-year history.
Solid Solutions, based at the Innovation Centre at the University of Warwick Science Park, specialises in selling SolidWorks Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to a wide range of industries, from sole traders to large blue-chip corporations, such as British Nuclear Fuels.
Part of this novel behavior has been attributed to the presence of a narrow monoclinic region in the phase diagrams for solid solutions of both PZN and PMN doped with [PbTiO.
the only data center solutions company with rock solid people, rock solid solutions and rock solid results, announced it is expanding its Charlotte operations to the University Research Park area near UNC-Charlotte.