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a homogeneous solid that can exist over a range of component chemicals

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In short solid solution strengthening is a single phase system and precipitation strengthening it has at least two phases, where the precipitate(s) are the reinforcing phase i.
Brass consists in cast structure, with nonhomogeneous disposal of a solid solution and (3 solid solution and bronze has a cast structure formed from a solid solution, [[gamma].
Adding microelements can decrease the solder melting point because these microelements can dissolve in the solid solution of SnBi20 and alter the space between tin and bismuth atoms, therefore altering the combination force between atoms.
Prices for its solid solution and brominated epoxy resins will increase by 120 euro/MT.
Typically, chrome alumina refractories form a solid solution of chrome oxide and alumina with the following formulation [(Al,Cr).
Research efforts of the NBS and PCA fellowship staff helped improve the general knowledge of phase equilibria among the oxides in cement clinker, and also led to additional insight to the limits of solid solution of other oxides in the primary clinker phases.
Three binary compounds were found and no solid solution was encountered in this system.
M5 has proven to be a rock solid solution for our clients; we use them in our own offices.
SyVoice has seen great acceptance in the industry as a solid solution for mobile VoIP communications.
Sally Clarke, global head of marketing for SunGard's Adaptiv business unit, said, "This achievement is the second award received by Adaptiv within a year, a testament to the fact that Adaptiv provides a solid solution to help meet industry needs.
Alan Sampson, Solid Solutions chief executive: WE sell professional design solutions, based on affordable 3D computer-aided-design (CAD) software - SOLIDWORKS - to product designers and engineers across all areas of industry.
A reseller of SolidWorks, a 3D CAD software package is Solid Solutions Management Ltd.
High temperature thermodynamic studies on the transuranium oxides and their solid solutions.