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a three-dimensional shape

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by taking a picture of Sega's solid figures, such as "Sakura Taisen", "Sonic the hedgehog", and "Mushiking - The King of Beetles", or a picture of a plane image displayed on a monitor screen of a Web site for a personal computer.
Imagine that the effects of the Christ-event are described as a 10-sided solid figure, and when Paul looks at it from one angle, he says Christ justified us.
Clark holds up the solid figure of a cylinder for the students to see [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Day, 21, has been solid figure along with former Bluebird Tony Vaughan at the heart of the Mansfield defence this season and hopes to top off his first full season in Nationwide football by clinching promotion.
7 A solid figure in the heart of the defence who led from the back.
Everyone says I am extraordinary or something special,'' says Dunne, whose tiny but solid figure gives only a small indication of where her strength and speed come from.
It is a pretty solid figure and now it is just a case of getting the pace on the day - I wonder if Benbyas could be the
I am sad to think that in some obscure field deep in the shires, that solid figure in an ancient tweed jacket will stand no longer in the mid-March wind chronicling the sport he loved, before escaping for a restorative nip of something to warm the blood.
No solid figures have been given, but it is clear that there will be some job cuts but as part of the deal the working arrangements of employees will be updated and modernised.
Just over a month since it launched its inaugural service to Montenegro, Ryanair has seen solid figures on its Charleroi - Podgorica flights.
Drawnfromthepast continues to post solid figures and hails from a yard in good form.
The market is expecting quite solid figures," she added.
Cobbetts, which also has office in Manchester, Leeds and London and recently came close to merging with DWF, also revealed solid figures for the year to April with the business restructuring services and litigation teams delivering significant growth.
Analyst Alexandra Hauber expects solid figures and positive news about Roche's pipeline.
The broker reviewed Telenor after the company posted solid figures for the first quarter of 2011.