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If we were to bless same-sex civil marriages, the question then arises of why we do not solemnise those marriages given the fact that in traditional Christian sacramental theology, it is the couples who marry one another and the Church merely invokes God's blessing on their commitment.
The Indian mission in Dubai, for example, oversaw 186 marriages in 2010 (latest available figures) of which 63 were between an Indian and a foreign national, while the Philippine Consulate in Dubai is set to solemnise more than 100 weddings this month alone.
Bosses of the club that made the Beatles famous and gave birth to the Merseysound of the Sixties have formally applied for a licence to solemnise MARRIAGES.
We don't know how many more marriages he will solemnise in future and for how long they will work,' he said.
Thirty couples is the 'normal average' number we solemnise per week.
By denying accused to solemnise marriage which was already fixed, not only but also the would- be bride and other relatives
Staying true to its word, a murder convict was allowed to solemnise his daughter's marriage.
The law is applicable to all communities and the parents who solemnise child marriages can be jailed upto two years.
Imran has announced that he will quietly solemnise his vows in a court of law.
Summary: The couple, Sain and Lin, earlier visited China to solemnise their marriage under Chinese customs