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a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

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Government sometimes made in relation to our Native brothers and sisters by disregarding our solemn word to Native peoples.
This life in all its magnificence, Smitten, the beholders innocence, The purest, sinless of all things, Joyful inner inspiration brings, Nothing exists that's seen nor heard I vouch this upon my solemn word, My heart melts as my soul inside, Tears of love, honour to abide, My miracle, my wondrous dawn Holding on to me mine own new born: GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.
I hope all you politicians vying for my attention and consideration on Tuesday are listening: You buy me a new car, and I give you my solemn word I'll vote for you.
Nothing exists that's seen or heard, I vouch this upon my solemn word, My heart melts as my soul inside, Tears of love, honour to abide.
But breaking their solemn word on an issue of such national importance marks a new low in how they are prepared to conduct the people's business.
McKay's solemn words - "Our worst fears have been realized" - brought home the gravity of the event.
The solemn words of General Sir Nicholas Carter, who takes over the army in a few months' time, about war.
Once we could not hear the solemn words for the noise of a machine-gun along the line; and when all was finished a canister fell a hundred yards away and burst with a crash.
There were flyovers by F-16 jets, Monarch butterflies were released, solemn words were offered by Air Force Col.
Some people would find President Zardari's solemn words, "We have to create a Pakistan where the coming generations, my daughters, can be proud of the fact that they live as equals" a bit amusing but as we say, 'dair aye par drust aye' (better now than never).
I remember one occasion when just as the body was being lowered into the grave and solemn words being spoken a low-flying fighter-aircraft screamed through the air just above.
Taking time to reflect, she issued solemn words of condolence to the families that have lost loved ones, and even in their grief they will find some comfort from her words.