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fastening firmly together


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5 multi-station selective soldering system is available in either two or three soldering station variants designed to meet a wide range of demanding high-volume, high-performance
The IPC Hand Soldering Competition winner and two runners-up will each earn cash prizes: 1st place--300 [euro], 2nd place--200 [euro], and 3rd place--100 [euro].
Current Problems and Possible Solutions in High-Temperature LeadFree Soldering.
It is the ability of tin to dissolve other metals that also reduces soldering iron tip life by dissolving the iron plating and then dissolving the copper until the tip fails.
The PCB holes must be designed such that plated holes have soldering rings on both sides of the board.
Nitrogen supplied to the soldering area was set at 50 1/min.
When you're done soldering, dissolve the plug by holding the torch under the spot where the plug is.
Due to the higher soldering temperatures, particularly temperature-resistant systems should be preferred for lead-free wave soldering.
Generally, the soldering temperature of Lead(Pb)-Free solder is higher than that of conventional tin-lead solder, so it is essential to ensure that the soldering temperature is not in excess of the head-resistance temperature of the components.
This design helps increase the chance of solder contact during reflow and results in proper soldering at the (potential) HiP location.
Schematic of laser beam soldering is illustrated in FIG.
Once mass soldering was ruled out, our options for connecting the coax cable with a secondary operation were reduced to some process of soldering individual wires.
What are the best settings for a wave soldering process?
There have been no reports of weak, brittle solder joints from wave soldering with tin-copper-nickel.