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Synonyms for solarize

reverse some of the tones of (a negative or print) and introduce pronounced outlines of highlights, by exposing it briefly to light, then washing and redeveloping it

become overexposed

overexpose to sunlight

expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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Through the Solarize Norwalk effort the objective is to retain one or more certified and Connecticut
Dennis Lacey, CEO of RGS Energy commented, "We've had a number of successful Solarize programs across the Northeast and completion of this latest program further expands our presence in the region.
The Solarize Troy program is designed to increase the adoption of solar energy and further reduce the overall cost of solar power.
The Solarize Massachusetts program, for instance, is a group buying program that 17 communities were chosen to participate in, including Mendon, Millbury, Sutton, Palmer and Shirley.
Greenpeace Africa is thrilled that the SunPower Foundation has offered to solarize our headquarters and mobile solar showcase units for the upcoming UN climate talks in Durban, both benefitting the people of South Africa," said Olivia Langhoff, campaigns director for Greenpeace Africa.
Support at the LOTW gig comes from Johnny Foreigner and up-and-coming Scots act Solarize.
Solar hot water is more economically viable than solar electric, but the cost per person is still high if you try to solarize American suburbia.
The retailer with a conscience has taken further steps in that direction with ABC Real Goods Solar, a collaboration with Real Goods, a California-based solar electric provider, to help consumers in the New York region solarize their homes and offices.
Available effects include Adding Text, Anti-Alias, Average, Contrast, Deskew, Despeckle, Emboss, Gamma Correct, Grayscale, Hue, Intensity, Invert, Median, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Oilify, Posterize, Saturation, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Solarize, Stamp, and more.
The lamp life is not how long lamp will bum for, but rather how fast the glass will Solarize.
For advanced users, there are more than 50 special effects that let you posterize, picturize, solarize, texturize, and add artistic touches.
Current Solarize Mass Customers Would Increase Boston's Residential Solar Installations by 40 Percent
brings together Community Solar, Solarize and Crowdfunding programs in one place for Georgians to go in on the cost of solar together.
The government of Jordan is putting its weight behind a plan to solarize the country's 6,000 mosques.
States will also work to implement Solarize group-purchasing programs within the region.