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exposure to the rays of the sun


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Solarization became a main topic in place of soil steaming and soil fumigation.
One possible method to enhance solarization is to use combinations of mustard meal, chloropicrin, and metam sodium treatments (Chellemi and Mirusso 2006).
Owing to the reversal of tones from the solarization, the figures are pale and the sun is black.
He invented many techniques, including solarization, overdevelopment, retinatura, and grains obtained in the shooting or printing phase, and he often touched up his photographs with colored pastels.
Greenhouse Soil Disinfection from drechsleri disease and other negative factors and weeds by soil solarization of cucumber in Isfahan.
In 2008, the SunPower Foundation awarded a $40,000 grant to the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), providing capital for the solarization of off-grid clinics in Lesotho's remote mountain villages operated by non-profit health care organization, Partners in Health (PIH).
Solarization works best in full sun and warm inland locations.
Oka Y, Shapira N, Fine P (2007) Control of root-knot nematodes in organic farming systems by organic amendments and soil solarization.
Because of the lethal effects from high soil temperature, solarization must be conducted before crops are planted.
All efforts, save solarization, have not solved this problem.
They introduce a dozen chapters by international scientists reviewing principles and findings on the latest preventive and treatment strategies including cultural practices such as crop rotation, and allelopathy (the use of cover crops that suppress weeds); other biological controls; non-living mulches; mechanical control; thermal control; and soil solarization.
In a 3-year study, she's testing several soil fumigants as well as solarization, in which soil covered with plastic tarps might capture enough heat from the sun's rays to zap the fungus.
Patricio FRA, Sinigaglia C, Barros BC, Freitas SS, Neto JT, Cantarella H, Ghini R (2006) Solarization and fungicides for the control of drop, bottom rot and weeds in lettuce.
For instance, Man Ray's technique of solarization (1) that consists in exposing negatives to a strong light source during the developing process, results in a (partial) inversion of tints and shapes.
Features include 2x digital zoom function, three-point wide AF system for fast, accurate focusing; a Flex Focus Point for precise control over the focusing area, and a Direct Manual Focus (DMF) to make instant adjustments to the autofocus; UHS (Ultra High Speed) continuous-advance can capture approximately seven frames a second, and a number of in-camera controls for special effects, such as Vivid Color, Black-and-White, Sepia, and Solarization.