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Uneaten soggy bread |can cause a build-up of bad nutrients for ducks
SO HUGH'S SOGGY NOW Rain-soaked Grant and Anna are denied entry to cinema
As a traveler, one is always worried about being served with stale, soggy sandwiches, but celebrity chef Luke Mangan said that plane food has gained an unfair reputation, News.
Poor old Gareth Gates, who had no idea what one was (nobody explained it was posh apple pie and custard), went home nursing his soggy bottom.
Let's not call it a soggy Olympics, let's call it a great Olympics.
I have never found the fish and chips soggy or greasy.
If Soggy Biscuit doesn't win it will surely be because he fails to lead.
Yesterday morning, on a soggy day in the middle of a soggy week, demolition work began on the parking garage that has served shoppers from the days of the Galleria to the era of the Worcester Common Outlets.
It was a common observation that when the cup was raised to the lips, the tea on the bottom of the cup would drip on the table, the cloth and the lap because the soggy teabag had released a pool of tea in the saucer and transferred to the cup.
Also when kept warm for lengthy periods, ready meals using this technology do not become soggy.
Summary: The Golden Globes have got off to a soggy start.
Sainsbury's fish (*** **) came out of the oven os o soggy mess because the fillet had shrunk inside the batter--although it did have a delicious savoury flavour.
DESPITE the soggy and slippery underfoot conditions, Air India took off smoothly in the 122nd Durand Cup, gunning down Army XI 3- 0 in the opening game of the quarter- final league here on Friday.
I don't like having soggy popcorn and dry popcorn in the same bucket.