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wood that is easy to saw (from conifers such as pine or fir)


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In an interview with Khaleej Times in 2013, SPF Precut Lumber President, Muhammad Amir, stated that his company goal was to achieve a 65 per cent market share for all softwood lumber exported to the Middle East from British Columbia (BC), Canada.
The softwood lumber industry is an important job creator and supports hundreds of local communities, and building with wood helps create jobs along each stage of the supply chain.
The project includes a new wood-chip plant with two separate wood lines, one for softwood-chip and one for hardwoodchip production, in addition to a refit of the softwood line, where the existing washing equipment will be replaced.
At the Dubai WoodShow 2012, the American Softwoods pavilion will showcase the strength and variety of the different US softwood species in addition to distributing technical publications on the applications of American softwoods.
By volume, importation of softwood log and softwood lumber to China fell 10 percent in the 4Q/11 as compared to the previous quarter.
The market for timber and softwood lumber has been widely investigated.
Softwood lumber imports into the United States, meanwhile, are down because of poor U.
Before Christmas, he gathered ambassadors from 16 Middle Eastern and North African countries at the United Arab Emirates embassy in Ottawa to "sing the praises" of Northern Ontario softwood.
7) But at least there is hope that, as far as softwoods are concerned, it may be possible to achieve sustainability with a combination of enlightened arboriculture, sensible construction, products like LVL and new approaches to building like those pioneered by Richard Burton and Frei Otto for John Makepeace at Hooke Park(8) (and more recently by Edward Cullinan Architects) which explore the tensile properties of new glues and fabrics to make possible use of thin softwood thinnings green, without seasoning.
Price trends in the international softwood lumber market are currently the subject of much debate.
Softwood fires are easier to start but don't burn as long.
The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) held its first meeting on November 29th in Chicago, IL, to launch the softwood lumber check-off, a unified industry funded promotion program created by super-majority support in an industry referendum last June.
CHICAGO, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlanta-based contractor Joel Harper was named the winner today of the Wood, Naturally Build and Design Sweepstakes, a nationwide call for submissions of outdoor living and interior design projects using softwood lumber.
Contract notice: Softwood supply for the manufacture of pallets, divided into two separate batches.
The latest edition of two leading reference guides serving the North American softwood forest products industry are now available.