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Vanderheiden (1996) defined the term "transparent access" as the fundamental interaction technique necessary for general purpose computers, CAT devices, and software programs that are compatible and capable of running on the same operational system.
Examples include software programs that drill music fundamentals, keyboard/computer setups that provide an interactive composition environment, software programs or videotapes that immerse students in music history and even keyboard/software combinations that structure intelligent practice.
Through a series of questions, tax software programs generally classify a home successfully.
The software program is called Webcapture, which is used by educators for instructional purposes.
For existing PCs, there are a few software programs for automation the entire home -- lighting, heating/cooling, security, entertainment and communications systems.
For the personal computer owner, there are a variety of software programs available for putting together your own greeting card at home.
Neural networks are software programs that simulate human intelligence.
According to American Software Vice President of Marketing Paul DiBono, the Cooperative Software Program allows the company to offer customers the best possible solutions for their business requirements.
Rights to commercially reproduce: When a transferee of a software program obtain the right to reproduce the software for sale to die public, the transaction will be viewed as the transfer of a copyright right rather than of a copyrighted article, as one or more of the enumerated copyright rights has been transferred.
But many business valuation software program users apply the "suggested" capitalization rates without regard to the business being appraised and, in particular, the environment in which it operates.
0 software program to run compatible macros unmodified in Windows-based Microsoft Excel 4.
To make the software program more accommodating to an end user without a strong computer background, we sought to develop a software program that would enable rubber chemists to create and modify formulae, enter raw materials, properties and test conditions and manipulate the formulation database to produce meaningful, informative reports, all in a matter of minutes.
Benchmarking efforts against a number of existing generation, commercially available simulators have demonstrated that the Nexus software program can simulate some faulted and coarsened models over 20 times faster than current commercial simulators, which means simulation in hours instead of days.
Politis Communications will help Transcensus launch a suite of easy-to-use software tools for developing training and instructional solutions delivered directly inside any Windows-based software program.
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