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But you can determine the ideal software package for your organization.
There are three generally well-received design software packages that are worth looking at including InDesign and PageMaker (both from Adobe) and QuarkXPress.
The company's established software packages were coming under fire because they were designed before Microsoft Windows became the standard operating platform among PC users.
Although not all software packages can convert data to ASCII, they can transmit data to a printer and produce a hard copy of the file.
Should problems arise in the branch office, it's reassuring to know that the vendor has a Japanese-speaking technician who is fully conversant with the accounting software package.
The ANET/Managed Basic Management software package has a Suggested List Price of $199 and is scheduled for general availability in June 1994.
These techniques include disabling the program through various mechanisms in the software code, refusing to maintain or upgrade the software package and exercising controls over the program source code.
By comparing the features and capabilities with their budgets and needs, foundry engineers can find the right software package for their requirements.
based in Carter Lake, Iowa, today announced a joint marketing alliance to provide a full service, turnkey software package to support issuers of the Visa check card, Interlink and Electron deposit access products.
While most of the new mechanical design programs introduced at AutoFact were general-purpose products, one supplier debuted a software package targeted directly at the plastics market.
It is important to bear in mind that most of the features offered in one software package are probably available in some form in a competitor's package.
This requires a knowledge of both business planning and programming the specific software package being used.
When installed on a Macintosh desktop or notebook computer, the TLF-MAC/E software package allows the computer to receive and control streaming video from a Sony LocationFree base station.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Arion Software, Austin, Texas, today introduced MasterCook II, a new Windows-based cookbook software package with more than 1,000 great-tasting recipes.
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