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error resulting from bad code in some program involved in producing the erroneous result

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Tokyo, Japan, Sept 20, 2005 - (JCNN) - Fujitsu Laboratories has developed two technologies that predict the rates of software errors and malfunctions on logic circuits, caused partly by neutrons found in cosmic rays.
Software errors are blunders caused by our inability to fully understand the intricacies of these complex products.
Each operation maintains an independent technology structure, and as noted earlier, the software error in Rhode Island was an isolated issue not present in other NIC-managed portals.
The full report by the Navigation Systems Research Foundation, entitled "Navigation Systems Seriously Undermine Road Safety, Software Errors are Being Ignored.
THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, January 8 /PRNewswire/ -- - Software Errors are Being Ignored
Software errors, human errors, natural disasters, power failures, building damages, and intrusions such as worms and viruses have turned data protection into a complex process.
software errors during any Help Desk troubleshooting process.
New Mark Indicates Software Has Been Independently Assessed for the CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors
July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Parasoft, the world's leading provider of Automated Error Prevention software solutions, announced today that Lehman Brothers, Siebel, and Countrywide have selected Parasoft tools to help them prevent software errors.
As software quality issues continue to plague today's businesses, the need for an effective means of reducing and preventing software errors increases.
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