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Synonyms for softness

the quality of weather that is deliciously mild and soothing


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a state of declining economic condition

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a sound property that is free from loudness or stridency

a visual property that is subdued and free from brilliance or glare

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acting in a manner that is gentle and mild and even-tempered

the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines

a disposition to be lenient in judging others

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It offers excellent softness and does not harm tensile strength (non-debonding).
We notice that softness is becoming increasingly important as a comfort factor in brands and with retailers.
The latest generation of diaper closure systems offers a compelling feature and function trio--including strong hold, softness and breathability--to meet current diaper quality requirements among consumers and manufacturers.
Her emphasis on softness came through in the very first garment -- a pair of silky shorts with a flouncy ruffle, in a blush color but with a white stripe.
Furthermore, it has an especially long fibre which gives Supima unusual qualities of strength, softness and colour.
The question of Gasol's possible softness comes after consecutive low output games against the New Orleans Hornets, a team lacking a quality big man.
The top ten entries chosen by the judging panel will be exhibited at a yet to be announced mall, where the public will be asked judge the baby softness of the artwork using a "Soft-o-meter" tool.
every loaf for softness, toastability and butterability to ensure we always keep up the standards which make our bread famous.
SOFTNESS MANY things have softness The raising of the sun that has been kissed by gentle rain With sparkling silver dewdrops before the day begins That sit on yellow flowers and shine like precious gems The soft wind in the corn that sways like seas of gold In a morning full of beauty, all softness to behold The singing of young birds in a nest so soft and warm To call the ones they love for family is for all A rainbow of such colours, with soft and gentle hues That shines in bright blue skies When the rain is new All the beauty of wild flowers for such softness Lies within the blue and red and violets To our hearts great softness can bring But softness in our world is sometimes so hard to find But we look within ourselves great softness we all will find.
The enhanced product offers dramatically improved softness and strength to the iconic brand through a new proprietary advancement in tissue technology.
The company says Kleenex facial tissue with lotion uses a proprietary technology to deliver improved softness and strength.
1%, led by softness in the furniture, entertainment and telecommunications categories.
The level of rupture or softness can be controlled.
OUTDOOR RUGS is the solution to a long quest for outdoor durable and colorfast yarns that offer the softness of cotton.
The Deloitte Research Leading Index of Consumer Spending continued its decline this month, projecting a difficult holiday season for retailers due to high energy costs, a weaker job market, and continued softness in the housing market.