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a substance added to another to make it less hard

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The Hague water softener features an innovative multi-compartment, compact tank design and is sold through both retailer and water quality dealer channels under the Hague, WaterBoss, and WaterMax brands.
They trust that the scents of detergents and softeners will create a sensation of clean, long-lasting freshness, says Lori Miller Burns, director, marketing relations and communications for Marietta, Ga.
Most softener problems are caused by worn or clogged parts in the control head or a salt bridge in the brine tank.
To help one lucky San Antonio resident battle the area's hard water, Texas All Pro will be giving away a free 60,000 grain water softener after All Pro's Facebook page reaches 500 likes.
Dropps Fabric Softener Pacs are available in 16-load pouches in Lavender, Wild Orchid and Orange Blossom scents.
The claim is that scale buildup inside machines shortens lifespan, and the addition of a water softener to each load of laundry can keep the machines from a premature death.
Since its debut, Henkel has gotten distribution commitments for Purex Complete Crystals Softener from almost every major retailer in the U.
It had been hoped that water softeners would provide simple but effective relief for the many children who suffer from this itchy and uncomfortable condition.
Henkel is banking on the innovative marketing approach to help drive sales of what it describes as the first real innovation in the fabric softener since it was created in the 1970s.
The families have the water softener for 12 weeks, then it is taken away for another four to see if there is any change.
Seventh Generation's Natural Lavender Scent Fabric Softener and Ecover's Natural Fabric Softener are both good choices that rely on vegetable products and natural essential oils instead of harsh chemicals to get the job done.
HERE is your chance to win designer baby clothes from Oh Baby London and a year's supply of Fairy Non-Bio and Fairy Fabric Softener.
Summary: Downy Co the world leader in fabric softeners Co recently celebrated the upcoming summer season and its new Stay Fresh softener, by welcoming over 200 families to a Downy Stay Fresh family day out in DubaiCOs Zabeel Park.
I also use it as a mildew remover, window cleaner and fabric softener.