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(of books) having a flexible binding


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All told, INX users earned awards in 20 different categories ranging from annual reports, brochures (sheetfed and web), business catalogs, consumer catalogs (sheetfed and web), calendars, folders, direct mail packages and dimensional printing, to manuals, several magazine categories (covers, inserts, specialty as well as tabloid magazines), softcover books, flexible packaging and multimedia packaging.
If you are tired of politicians running this and other countries by ancient scriptures, find out more about the above 365 page softcover.
Juris Publishing (Huntington, NY) has produced Business Immigration Practice, a softcover book that covers all aspects of immigration law current through May, 2004.
With tooth decay the most prevalent problem for children, the Institute for Healthcare Advancement has published What To Do For Healthy Teeth, a softcover book written at the third to fifth grade reading level.
Its cost will likely keep it from use as a textbook in classes on worship; perhaps the publisher would put out a softcover edition if there were sufficient demand.
This well-produced softcover book gives a daily account of aircraft losses throughout the American engagement in Southeast Asia (SEA), excluding helicopters.
Homeland Security Statutes, a 629-page, softcover book, is a comprehensive compilation of all of the laws that form the basis of the new department.
ISBN 1-57505407-8 for hardcover and ISBN 1-57505566-x for softcover.
Muzzy Products and Fitzgerald Hunting Enterprises have teamed up to produce a new 100-page softcover book called "Dan & Guy Fitzgerald--Hunting Adventures.
95 softcover, postpaid from Sasquatch Books, 615 Second Avenue, Suite 260, Seattle, WA 98104-2200/(800) 775-0817.
Thoughtfully argued, written in an elegant Italian and well-informed about scholarship in English, this softcover book has been produced with care, and one only regrets that its cost (nearly forty dollars at the current exchange rate) appears exorbitant by U.
A College Hill Publication, Little Brown and Company, Boston/Toronto/London, 1990, 179 pages, softcover.
The square 7x7 book is available in both hardcover with dust jacket, and softcover.
com), creator of the premier application for making, sharing and buying high-quality photo books, today announced the launch of its Large Custom Softcover photo book, adding to the company's growing collection of unique book styles.