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(computer science) matter that is in a form that a computer can store or display it on a computer screen

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At the same time, computed radiography technology for projection radiographs allowed softcopy viewing of these images.
By helping sites build a library of digitized prior mammograms, DigitalNow will help facilitate a seamless transition to softcopy review whenever they go digital.
Adding a small number of diagnostic workstations enables a few key radiologists to begin softcopy readings while they evaluate required workflow changes.
Slider-adjusted softcopy ruler for calibrated image quality assessment"
A[degrees] Printing of survey forms, which will be provided in softcopy by MESC;
The workflow associated with softcopy reading has been shown to greatly improve mammography reading.
This partnership expands the family of softcopy workstations offered by Fischer.
Used with a high-resolution grayscale monitor that permits review of digital images taken of emergency patients immediately after x-ray exposure, this new system eliminates the wait for developed film or softcopy images on a diagnostic reading station.
An important feature of the CX product line is its all-digital design, which maintains digital data throughout the entire display chain, eliminating unwanted image artifacts and providing a crisp, clear display that is critical to softcopy medical viewing.
The company offers a digital portfolio of women's healthcare solutions that includes: digitizing systems for converting film images for softcopy comparison; mammography modules for its RIS/PACS platform; a multi-modality breast imaging workstation that allows reading of all breast imaging modalities as well as general radiology exams; CAD solutions; and high-resolution output to DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems.
Tenders are invited for Outsourcing Of Softcopy Conversion Of Unpublished Reports Of Publication Division Ner
Z/I Imaging provides total end-to-end imaging solutions including aerial cameras, stereo softcopy workstations, photogrammetric scanners and open Microsoft Windows-based image management, processing and distribution software.
Z/I Imaging has announced the evolution of softcopy photogrammetric production systems with its new ImageStation 2001 - the fifth generation of digital production systems.
Instead of printing film, radiologists read softcopy images on seven workstations that are housed in a 1,200 square-foot reading room.
The Photizo Group defines MPS as 'outsourcing' the hard and / or softcopy document management functions.