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having a speaking manner that is not loud or harsh

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Toren as Katie is soft-spoken and expresses beautifully a girl whose life is her family and her religion.
You just play what you feel, and play what fits your mood," the soft-spoken, multi-talented instrumentalist notes.
I had to relearn myself," the soft-spoken former principal dancer of the New York City Ballet says when asked about the challenges of taking on directorship in 2000.
24, civil rights activists and historians sought to define the legacy of the soft-spoken woman dubbed the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.
A soft-spoken 28-year-old from Denver, Malcolm Himschoot might seem an unlikely candidate for the national spotlight.
Baltimore's soft-spoken superintendent is a self-described gentle man, yet he's no pushover.
The film finds its soft-spoken Miner in Hollywood stuntman-turned-character-actor Richard Farnsworth and a proto-feminist love interest in photographer Kate Flynn, played by Jackie Burroughs.
I'm not just looking at Thunder Bay, but all of northwestern Ontario," says soft-spoken Cano, who is starting up a company called Kablaam Productions.
Abigail Hauolinaninohea Chase, a niece, remembered her uncle as a soft-spoken man who enjoyed playing the ukulele.
I was sorry to read of the death at the weekend of Kent Walton whose soft-spoken Saturday afternoon wrestling commentary in the days of Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus was so much a part of my teenage years.
Not only was he impressive and intelligent, he was surprisingly soft-spoken.
A modest and soft-spoken man, he was never one to brag and he only discussed his flying days after much prodding (and generally in small groups).
Burdick is a soft-spoken, bespectacled men, with a slightly nervous manner.
Moses remains a soft-spoken and ascetic figure, someone whose entire movement experience has taught him that encouraging people to articulate their own demands is a far more profound and radical course of action than telling them what is in their own best interest.
And ready at the post to turn the ingredients into Coors beer is a soft-spoken Mexican.