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a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

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Surprisingly, almost 100% of the cosmetics cartons (and about 30% of all of the competition's entries) featured soft touch coating.
The UV gloss spot coating on the Secret[R] logo and swoosh lines provides a striking contrast to the overall matte soft touch finish surrounding it.
Seeing as the prisons are full, it stands to reason that it must be a soft touch.
This article details the development of a range of custom designed UV-curable soft touch products that have tailorable feel and improved properties over two-part urethane coatings.
According to the company, Soft Touch offers an elegant look that transforms a basic label design into a touchable experience.
Particularly in automotive interior applications, soft-touch coatings provide a luxurious look, soft touch, and leather-like texture to plastic surfaces to simulate the feeling of natural leather and improve the aesthetics and haptic characteristics of car interiors, according to Aditi Chavannavar, technical specialist, Transportation & Industrial Coatings with BASF Dispersions & Resins, North America.
In a way finder or web browsing application, a soft touch can open a preview window then pressing harder fully opens the window.
Grip: Pistol, molded composite, soft touch rubber panels
uk SOFT TOUCH 1 SOFT TOUCH JUDGE Nicholas Coleman let serial paedophile Roger Martin walk free in 2009 after a guilty plea to sexually abusing a girl of 11.
A soft touch in the transfer market, a soft touch on the field.
Soft Touch (emerizing and brush-sueding), Plush Touch (raising), Even Touch (shearing), Level Touch (carpet shearing), Clean Touch (cloth cleaning) product lines and special solutions for different kinds of application will be presented at ITME INDIA.
Soft Touch, Soft Touch Metalized, Anti-Scratch and Ecofilm are some of the products that make up the family of bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) films aimed at achieving the best finishes on high-end graphic supports.
Users control the speed and direction of the cursor with a single, soft touch of a control ring.
STRATHCLYDE Chief Constable Stephen House should be commended, not criticised, for speaking the truth about Scotland's soft touch justice system.
For years we have had boozing and drug taking 'low-lifes' who think it's normal to do what they like, knowing full well that the judges are a soft touch.