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Eddie Watt: has a soft spot for Ascot Gold Cup winner Ragstone
Last night, Newcastle Council leader John Shipley said: "I have a soft spot for the car park, which has become an icon.
In the dining area, for example, theatrical barn-door lights drop a soft spot of light onto each table, illuminating parties of diners, while bubbles of light sparkle in the darkness overhead.
Kirby obviously has a soft spot in his heart for queer filmmakers, beginning his film with the travails Kimberly Peirce faced in releasing her Academy Award-winning Boys Don't Cry.
I HAVE a soft spot for Norwich City, as I used to go and watch the Canaries while I was at university, but there will be no love lost on Saturday as three points would see us level with the Norfolk team.
The 24-year-old millionairess has a soft spot for British men and was recently linked to James Blunt.
Miss Fry has a soft spot for them all--but one pet is very special?
The result was that liberals have always had a soft spot for McCarthy's victims and have not only understood the harm he did but have also written books and made movies about it.
That soft spot becomes permanent until the armor can be repaired.
Instead, Winfrey takes an I-am-every-woman attitude, intertwines it with some practical advice, and leaves a soft spot in the heart of millions that has added up to a lot of dollars and cents.
I am hopeful that the recent soft spot will similarly prove to be short-lived, although it suggests some downside risks for economic growth.
The Exiles was set up by Hereford United fan Jon Hale, 31, who said: 'I have always had a soft spot for a club that battles against adversity.
But his recent offering shows how he has once again managed a return to his source and a reinvention of his project, emerging as a conceptualist with a soft spot for the hands-on and as an appropriationist playing an ongoing, multifaceted game of exquisite corpse in which the authors of the books, the authors of the cards, and the authors of their anonymous annotations and alterations could never have known they'd participate.
The Toffees had targetted the Wrexham-born star earlier in the season and he admitted he had a soft spot for the Merseyside club.
If you've got a soft spot for pirates, want to know the inside story of their lives, or are curious about derring-do on the high seas, I don't know of another book that will give you more pleasure.