soft pedal

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a pedal on a piano that moves the action closer to the strings and so soften the sound

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Those are COA euphemisms meant to soft pedal the fact that the FTAA will devastate our domestic market and stir a major backlash, as the American public comes to grasp its full implications.
That, and our hope that use of the soft pedal will persuade the Russians to back the US over Iraq in the Security Council.
Russell's lyrics - largely sung-through dialogue surrounding 24 songs - invites the bombast that director DeGruccio seems unwilling to soft pedal.
The university transformed itself from a place, in Massa's words, "marked by a resolutely masculine, athlete culture and noisy, unintellectual religion," a working-class school whose football team constituted "the front ranks of an ethnic `holy war against the Protestant majority in the United States,'" to a "new Notre Dame," which did not jettison the school's athletic tradition or soft pedal its strong popular Catholic identity but combined them with a dedication to academic distinction.
Those who've worked as executive temps soft pedal the times they've been brought in to overhaul a department or area because top management didn't want to make - or own - the tough choices.
Even the soft pedal, though it survived to the present time, never really outgrew its original character of a "special effect.