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rich in tarry hydrocarbons

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iii) Bituminous: It is called soft coal and has powerful burning capacity and IV) Anthracite: It is the hardest coal and gives up a great amount of heat when it burns.
Reality: Perhaps tongue in cheek, Bryce noted that compared with soft coal or dung, oil is a better and cleaner fuel.
Before we move on any further, it is important to understand that there are two basic types of mined coal: anthracite and bituminous, or in simpler terms, hard and soft coal.
Try YSL Ombre Vibration Duos pounds 22 in Caviar Champagne, a soft coal black and shimmery cream or if you have pale colouring try the Lancome Col-our Palette for Eyes and Lips La Sagesse pounds 28.
Rather, this was an emergent consequence of the construction of oil and gasoline pipelines from the southwest to the northeast to avoid submarine attacks on tankers and ensure fuel supplies during the World War II, the conversion of those lines to natural gas in the face of concerns about international oil prices in the postwar period, and the need to find a home heating fuel that was cleaner than soft coal in order to address an air pollution problem that had grown to critical proportions.
Dust in China, where particularly noxious soft coal is a major energy source, now kills an estimated one million Chinese a year and is stunting the growth of crops in China as well.
But the United States is no more likely to adopt a one-child policy than China is likely to adopt American-style restrictions on the burning of soft coal.
But once oil and soft coal began to replace anthracite as the nation's main energy sources, decline came swiftly, setting the stage for job and population losses that lasted decades.
In the extreme southwestern corner of Poland where Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic come together, there is a soft coal fired power plant which provides approximately 10 percent of the electricity for the entire country.
As the title implies, Fishback contends that labor market participants in the soft coal, or bituminous, industry at the turn of the century fared better than workers in most manufacturing settings and had conscious alternatives to employment in the mines.
The mine had a soft coal bottom and high methane levels, so they had to spray a lot of dust to prevent ignitions.
Due to Tampa Electric's need for rate relief and to soft coal markets, earnings in 2013 will be under pressure.
I throw a piece of soft coal about the size of a melon in the yard to prevent problems with black (needle) teeth, the baby teeth that never come out.
and end the bitter work stoppage against the soft coal producer.
com/research/890ee5/china_soft_coal_a) has announced the addition of the "China soft coal, anthracite mining and washing industry, 2011" report to their offering.