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Synonyms for sodomy

anal intercourse

Synonyms for sodomy

intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with a man or woman

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Anwar - who has already served one six-year term for another sodomy conviction that was later overturned - has always insisted he is innocent.
It appears that gay man is not the first to be meted the sentence of being thrown from a high place for sodomy since photos of men being thrown from a roof by IS members first came out in December.
The former Finance Minister was missing with his family ever since the police registered an FIR against him in the sodomy case on Sunday evening.
Sodomy is illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.
He spent six years in prison before his previous conviction for sodomy was overturned in 2004.
phoned him from the detention centre and discussed the sodomy case with him.
A person convicted of sodomy in Iran can be lashed, hanged or stoned to death.
Appealing to the high court to reject the case, Anwar's lawyers argued that medical tests conducted on the aide after the alleged sodomy were inconclusive.
What grants it topical relevance is the fact that the Aragonese Inquisition acquired jurisdiction over sodomy, which was not the case in Castile, and exercised it prolifically, with assiduously productive bureaucratic dedication.
The European Court of Human Rights found in 1981 that a surviving sodomy law in Northern Ireland violated fundamental rights protections.
First, the Supreme Court invalidated a state statute criminalizing consensual sodomy.
141) Equal protection implications arising from sodomy as a mere aggravating factor are discussed infra, Part VI.
Here the discipline of the lash, which evidenced masculinity aboard ship, was juxtaposed with the practices of sodomy among crew members and the voyagers' encounters with indigenous peoples, most notably, their obsession with women's breasts.
In a remarkable ruling on Maundy Thursday, a three-judge panel of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal unanimously quashed the rulings of a Saskatchewan human rights board of inquiry which found that a Regina man had violated the province's Human Rights Code, by drawing public attention to Biblical teaching on the sinfulness of sodomy.
Blinded by such passions, it's no wonder this film misses a few obvious points about "primal needs": you won't die if you don't commit sodomy, but you might die if you don't eat.