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copulate with an animal


practice anal sex upon

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He said he related his ordeal on June 24, 2008, to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who was then deputy prime minister, and a senior police officer, ''to tell him (the police officer) that I have been sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim several times, in and outside the country, in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.
The lawsuit stemmed from a 1992 incident in which the woman opened the door to ex-convict Lawrence Toole who allegedly beat, raped and sodomized her at gunpoint.
Old women, children, babes in arms were raped, sodomized, and brutally murdered during an hours-long killing frenzy by a unit run amok.
Louima, who was sodomized in a precinct bathroom with a broomstick, to a "modern-day lynching, with all the withering humiliation and physical danger associated with lynching," Mr.
HAFIZABAD -- A young boy was sodomized and strangled to death by two fiendish young men in Bhoon Khurd village.
One of the cases involved a youth who said he was sodomized by Bovee during a Pathfinder outing at Honeyman State Park near Florence in 1977.
The mother of two said her doctor examined her, confirming she had been raped, sodomized and had contracted herpes.
In his report, he claimed he was sodomized on June 26, 2008.
During a second hearing early this week, the court found that Abu Rafi, the 22-year-old Indian worker, who was sentenced to death after the initial trial, was not guilty and that he acted in self-defense when his victim, Maadi bin Saad Al-Qahtani, sodomized him at knife-point.
The Post-Gazette reported that guards at the Greene County prison beat inmates, sodomized inmates with nightsticks, and conducted "nude searches in which every body orifice is examined in full view of other guards and prisoners.
For years Wuornos claimed she shot the men in self-defense while being raped and sodomized.
A prison inmate who had been attacked and sodomized by other inmates sued prison officials, alleging they failed to protect him from harm.
We look on as she fucks two men in the storerooms of the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and is sodomized on a hillside in Provence.
And yet, a statue of Pope John Paul II immersed in human urine, and a Manitoba provincial art show that gave first prize to a drawing of the crucified Christ sodomized by a priest, were defended by government officials as "free speech" of the artists they (i.