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a can for holding soft drinks

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Stuff both heavier and lighter than a standard soda can typically yield suboptimal results.
Malibu Island Spiced & Club Soda cans are a great way to take Malibu Island Spiced on the go this summer to your nearest backyard barbecue, beach or boat," says Josh Hayes, senior brand manager for Pernod Ricard USA.
Mining, processing, and forming one ton of new aluminum soda cans from the mineral bauxite takes about 200 million Btu of energy.
Additionally, we tested numerous different birds and beer and soda cans in a laboratory, and there was zero leaching of chemicals, ink or metal from the can to the meat.
In some extreme cases, drinking a lot of soda can leave your mouth as corroded as that of a meth abuser, according to a 2013 (http://www.
She rubbed both balloons against her sweater and then placed them near a soda can.
We found it was logistically difficult, if not impossible, to arrange for those soda cans to be picked up" says David Castelveter, a spokesperson for US Airways, which axed its in-cabin program five years ago.
Crumple up your soda cans by simply squeezing them by hand.
Later, when I lived in Allston as a recent college graduate, my friends and I would put out our (ugh, too many) beer and soda cans in bags on the sidewalk, to be picked up by an elderly Asian lady who picked through the recycling bins on our street and filled her shopping cart.
Revenue for this 12-ounce Jones Soda can package were not included in our Third Quarter results.
I HAPPENED upon a website featuring sculptures made out of old toys, plastic spoons, typewriters, soda cans, and even hangers.
I would plan ahead for this assignment by asking the vending-machine man to please save for me the flat, corrugated cardboard boxes that held the soda cans.
It is full of empty soda cans (as seen in photograph).
com)-- Where some see empty soda cans and Nespresso Capsules as items that should be tossed into the trash, Mariska sees art.
Thousands of soda cans were found scattered on the road after a truck flipped over and crashed on 405 Freeway in Orange County, Southern California.