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the quantitative study of social relationships

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Thus, in the classroom, teachers and others who work with young children may play an important role, and should take sociometric nominations and children's networks into consideration when promoting productive classroom relationships, along with other individual and contextual factors (Farmer et al.
Peer-assessed behavioural characteristics and sociometric rejection: Differences between pupils who have moderate learning difficulties and their mainstream peers.
Each student's sociometric status was calculated through a combination of peer ratings, self-report, and the number of leadership positions the student had held in his or her group.
Sociometric interviews were conducted in order to understand the peer influences at work and playground observations were utilized throughout to determine which children are physically more or less active, to measure any increase or decrease in level of physical activity, and whether or not play is occurring in the presence of friends.
Three models were run for each fathering dimension: one regressing the two adolescent self-reports (anxiety and depression) onto the fathering dimension, one regressing the parent report of adolescent positive behavior onto the same fathering dimension, and one regressing the three teacher reports of adolescent outcomes (internalizing, externalizing, sociometric status) onto the fathering dimension.
Unlike books on classroom management, this book on the social psychology of interactions in the classroom covers relevant theory and research, students' and teachers' nonverbal communication, the effects of teacher expectations (including the teacher's pet phenomenon), sociometric measurement in the classroom, the social structure of the student society, and the social psychology of educating and changing students.
Relations between different types of children's aggressive behavior and sociometric status among peers of the same and opposite gender.
In 1948, a symposium on Cooperation and Conflict Among Living Organisms was organized through the joint efforts of the Botanical Society of America, the ESA, the Institute of Ethnic Affairs, the Institute of General Semantics, the National Indian Institute, The Ohio State University Personnel Research Board, the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, the Society for Applied Anthropology and the Sociometric Institute.
A converse finding was noted by Carmel and Glick (1996), who used a sociometric questionnaire to explore physicians' compassionate-empathic behavior and determine how organizational factors might affect such behavior.
It thus meets every sociometric prerequisite for democracy more completely than any other Muslim nation in the region.
36) The first is the traditional sociometric measure of density, defined as the ratio between the number of links between pairs of units and the number of all possible connections:
Prior to the implementation of the intervention, baseline data were collected using the Sociometric Rating Scale, the SSRS, and the DBR.
Nevertheless, previous studies have drawn attention to a series of methodological limitations characteristic of this sociometric approach (Gomez and Bordons, 1996), since it is obvious, for example, that the international scientific production in a particular field, such as phytotherapy in psychiatry in this case, is much more extensive.
Teacher ratings of social competence and peer sociometric ratings also increased after treatment.