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A second level of analysis is needed to explore the ways in which such sociobiological configurations may influence pathogen emergence, evolution, and transmission into human populations, including the development of plausible risk scenarios.
Whereas he injects critical remarks about radical feminism, presents a daring sociobiological treatment of infanticide, and takes off the gloves in discussing the excessive national obsession with children's safety, the section on civil rights and racial discrimination is the most politically correct part of the book.
1,2) To elucidate this apparent sociobiological paradox, various explanations have been offered: tradition, socioeconomic status, ignorance about offspring abnormalities, safeguarding of family members, protecting family wealth, enhanced altruism and hidden genetic benefits.
Furthermore, they tend to adopt an outlook that centers on sociobiological and evolutionary psychology-based understandings of the human condition.
This involves the use of a crucial set of concepts that play a major role in contemporary sociobiological and evolutionary psychology reasoning, the concepts of analogy and homology.
It seems possible to me to embrace an appreciation for human adaptation within environments without wholly swallowing the Darwinian or sociobiological perspectives out of which they originate.
As my own specialty is moral philosophy and metaethics, it seems most apt for me to concentrate my remarks on these parts of the book, especially since it may be fairly said that the lion's share of the book is dedicated to these issues: in particular, a defense of a sociobiological account of altruism and an account of moral realism consistent with it.
Hence residents utilised sociobiological genetic explanations as well as social and contextual explanations in order to understand and explain their own alcohol and other drug addiction.
Economist Gregory Clark's sociobiological hypothesis, articulated in his 2007 book Farewell to Alms, contended that as the British bourgeois multiplied the nation's poor and unsuccessful died off.
Whether debating the advisability of providing nurseries for the children of working mothers or of training women to undertake agricultural tasks, it was clear that any departure from sociobiological notions of femininity was only to be considered in the context of "the special circumstances of war.
Also, he notes that biologists who advocate a deterministic, adaptionist, and/or sociobiological position that supposedly supports a politically right-wing position are, in fact, politically overwhelmingly on the left.
One critic suggested that Thornhill and Palmer's (2000) book A Natural History of Rape is, itself, a work of advocacy, not science (Coyne & Berry, 2000); in this vein, it is evident that scientists such as Thornhill and Palmer and Wilson (1998) have envisioned a far more prominent role for sociobiological theories of human behavior (and policy prescriptions based on these perspectives) than exists currently.
She argues that the phenomenon of microchimerism has provided a new context (and revived life) for old forms of reductionism common in sociobiological discourse during the 1970s and 80s, and soundly critiqued by early feminist STS.
The need for particular care in scrutinizing any temptation to ascribe purpose to genes or to "nature," even metaphorically, becomes the more important as one moves to consider the other main plank of Wilson's sociobiological program: "biologicizing" ethics.
The same conceptual manoeuvres are still to be found, as witness the sociobiological revolution .