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the action of establishing on a socialist basis

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the act of meeting for social purposes

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Socialization period was measured by dividing participants into three categorical groups depending on their length (i.
Furthermore, since recruits at 10 weeks are ready for active service (although most undergo further training within their regiments), 8 weeks is close to the end of this official socialization period.
The initial socialization period should last at least 16 weeks.
If you are childless but you do anticipate having children, introduce the pet to your neighbors' children during this critical socialization period.
They are not failing, their puppy is not evil incarnate, and they will absolutely not be able to accomplish all the tasks outlined in all the best puppy books before their puppy's socialization period is over (and that's okay).
Many dogs are adopted after the socialization period has ended, but they can still learn to adapt, although it may be somewhat harder for them and their owners.
The primary socialization period, the sensitive period, is pretty complete by the 12th week.
It recently came to my attention that an internationally known speaker and dog trainer is asserting that puppies don't have a prime socialization period, that they should remain with their litters until they are 10-12 weeks old, and that puppy training classes are bad for puppies and should be avoided.
It's essential for puppies to encounter a variety of people and situations during the formative socialization period, which lasts until 16 weeks of age.
Usually the fear biter was secondary-socialization-deprived in that it lacked people exposure during the critical socialization period.