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the tendency to associate with others and to form social groups

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Socialities are what make sense of life, not healthy bodies out of kilter with kin and a known world.
But in the Koori case, it is particularly distorting and dysfunctional because it so often forces a choice between valued socialities and the individualising demands of biomedical 'cures', setting up an unenviable and perhaps unmanageable tension for someone defined as a patient.
The centrality of contingency in so much of Wiradjuri and Ngiyampaa peoples' negotiating of their selves and socialities means that responses to thinking and acting on health treatment advice can vary widely both between individual persons and for any particular person in different situations.
Koori socialities are not dependent on the social in an abstract way but on 'presence'--constantly 'being there' as part of the social body.
Yet, while this might be good strategy in some cases, enhancing the prospects for wellness, it can work against the sick person who makes decisions in the interests of maintaining socialities which are not in the interests of their health.
Hence their attention to funerals, where kin and community members come together in a reaffirmation of on-going socialities (cf.
Socialities there are busy rolling out the red carpet.
IF BOLLYWOOD stars, socialities and designers were under some misconception that they've reached demigod status in a celebrity hung- over nation, there are then a handful of people who are constantly cutting them to size by putting their fashion sense under scrutiny.
The pretentious exclusivity that designers and socialities alike fake is no longer sacred.
Unfortunately, these things happen," says Charlotte, who runs classes for aspiring socialities.