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Synonyms for socialisation

the action of establishing on a socialist basis

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the act of meeting for social purposes

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He said the UoT was equipped with capabilities to bring political socialisation in the region by promoting quality education.
The institution's Pro-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Imevbore, also described education as an important facet of socialisation, saying the school is an artificial institution set up for the purpose of socialisation and cultural transmission.
However, quantitative data was not entirely eliminated, as some method of statistical data would be relevant in determining the success of socialisation in this setting.
Puppies in a restricted environment after this age without socialisation and habituation have difficulty adjusting to their new lives and stay shy and introverted.
Many veterinary practices run puppy socialisation groups (or puppy parties) so ask your vet about this.
Men may be seen to endorse (to varying degrees) cultural norms and values about masculinity (for example where one might feel one is failing to live up to one's internalized manhood ideal), or to experience strains associated with their socialisation (for example, that caused by living up to 'desirable' ideals of being a man).
The importance of school as an arena for both learning and socialisation is emphasised.